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I am William Wesley Gerrard, male, born 25.12.1977 in the U.K. I am a dual U.K / New Zealand national. I read Geography (BSc) at University College London UCL I read a Translation (BA) at Cardiff University . I am currently a full-time student of Cybersecurity at Masterschool which is a global e-learning center based in Tel aviv, Israel.I regularly attend Chinese Corner meetings arranged by the Confucius Institute Cardiff University . I am a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House . I also subscribe to weekly editions of The Economist and The Week which are both leading publications on international geopolitics and current affairs. I am a member of the Labour Party and also form part of the Labour Foreign Policy Group . I review books on Wez G Books – My foreign languages and translation website is Dragon Translate Cybersecurity interests are on Four Four Cyber _ I have worked for KryKey Web Radio for over 15 years which is a leading global platform for internet radio. As DJ Wez G my professional music performance, event organising, teaching workshops and studio releases have seen me busy in electronic music for over three decades.